Q: What is the length of the Inertia Wave?  

A: The length of each type of the Inertia Wave is between 2.8 and 3 meters

Q: How much space do I need to perform the 7 methods of use? 

A: From the anchor points you will need a total of 3.3 meters back and 1.8 on a transverse plain (side to side)

Q: Are all the elastomers the same resistance regardless of colour?

A: YES they are all the same

Q: Are any of the Inertia Wave elastomer products latex free?

A: Unfortunately no.  The Inertia Wave contains a small amount of latex

Q: How do I attach or anchor my Inertia Wave?

A: Please watch the 'Creative Ways to Anchor' video.  Always anchor 0.6 - 0.9

meters apart and waistline high.

Q: How do I clean my Inertia Wave?

A: The Inertia Wave should be cleaned using a damp cloth with water and mild soap

Q: How long should my Inertia Wave last?

A: The lifespan of the Inertia Wave depends of the amount of use and proper care. All Fix My Fitness Club LLC products are warranted for 90 days.  We recommend inspecting the entire length of the Inertia Wave tubes after every use and replacing them annually to ensure the best possible performance

Q: How far can the tubing be stretched?

A: it is recommended the Inertia Wave not be stretched more than 0.45 meters at its visually elongated length. Hold the ends firmly, pull until the IW is in a total straight line - this is its resting length.  To minimise breakage and ensure the lifespan of the tubing, never pull more than 0.45 meters from its resting length